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Peggy Vatter Memorial Leadership Scholarship

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In recognition of the outstanding contributions of past and present outstanding leaders in science education, WSTA may elect to grant annual leadership scholarships. Applications are due June 30th of each year.

Interested individuals and/or teams are invited to submit a proposal. The proposal should outline what you would do if you were awarded this scholarship and should not exceed two pages. In addition, the applicant(s) will need to provide 2 letters of recommendation. The letters can come from a supervisor, colleague, or community partner that identifies how the applicant will benefit professionally from this award. Up to $2,000 in scholarship funds are available each year. Recipients will need to submit tangible evidence that the scholarship funds were used as proposed within one month of completing their proposed coursework.  

A. One pre-service teacher (with preference given to educators of underrepresented students in science - (African American, Hispanic, Native American, Indigenous, Asian, and Pacific Islander and women) with an intent to become certified in science education or in elementary education with an emphasis in science, at an accredited college, university, or alternative certification program in Washington State. Funds must be used to defray tuition or certification program costs.


B. One or more certified teacher(s) from a school and/or school district who show intent to improve their content knowledge and/or pedagogical ability in science education by attending science coursework offered from colleges, universities, Educational Service Districts and/or organizations who meet WSTA’s goals and vision (with preference given to educators of underrepresented students in science (African American, Black, Latinx, Indigenous American, Asian, Pacific Islander, women, and LGBTQ+) .



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