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From Andy Boyd,   WSTA President:

Congratulations to the 2017 WSTA Board.

The elections for the 2017 WSTA are complete.  Thank you to all who ran for a position and all of the amazing things you do for science education. Here is some information about the elected new members and a statement.

If you are interested in learning more about the WSTA Board, please contact Andy Boyd, President ( or any board member.

Thank you again and have a wonderful summer!


John P McNamara - President-Elect; Pullman

I have thoroughly enjoyed and learned from my work with WSTA and WSTA Board, and hope I have been effective in helping maintain and grow WSTA as a premier professional service society. It is imperative we continue to lead in all areas of effective science instruction for the students and society of the future.  I look forward to helping lead Science Education in our state through work with ESDs, Districts, the OSPI, schools and teachers to fully implement the spirit and letter of the NGSS and provide the best support and training we can for all our science teachers.

Dana Marsden - Recording Secretary; Mountlake Terrace

WSTA is a leader in and resource for science teaching professionals in Washington.  With your support, I will be able to continue to play a part in these efforts. As Recording Secretary, I am tasked with maintaining accurate records of meetings and planning sessions. As a member of the Board, I have the opportunity to support the design and implementation of professional development for science teachers in meeting the NGSS standards. With your support, I am asking to be able to continue to be a part of supporting this essential work for all teachers across our state.

Midge Yergen - Region 4 Representative; Yakima

The face of science education is changing.  With the implementation of the Washington State Science Learning Standards (NGSS), and the paradigm shift to three dimensional learning, many educators are feeling anxious about these new challenges. In addition, we must be mindful of providing equitable science experiences for ALL students. As a Regional Representative for WSTA, I’d continue to support teacher learning and professional development through regional and State activities, and serve the needs of the WSTA board. I’d like to continue serving as your Region IV voice on the WSTA board and serving you, my colleagues for another term.

Jonathan Frostad - Region 5 Representative; Oak Harbor

In an era of rising disbelief in scientific facts and distrust of scientists, the job of science educators is more critical than ever. In addition, the next generation of science learners will occupy a world in which they must be more scientifically literate than any previous generation. The task of science educators is to ensure ALL students achieve new heights of literacy despite recent opposing trends. As your representative, I will continue to provide you with professional development and tools to assist you in our mission of preparing ALL students for the technological world that awaits them.

Don Pruett Jr - Region 6 Representative; Puyallup

I would feel honored to continue to serve as your Region 6 Representative. I will do my best to to represent you. I will work towards making the next WSTA Conference a success.

Carmen Kardokus -  Region 7 Representative; Olympia

My name is Carmen Kardokus and I am interested in continuing to serve as the regional representative for region 7.  As the regional representative, I will work to provide timely and needed professional development opportunities which serve to benefit my area.  I will continue to relay science related information to the members of my region and seek feedback on how to best serve their needs.  I will seek to innovate and be creative in providing new opportunities such as the Oly Science Brews lecture series which I began this spring.  If I am selected I will do my best to promote authentic and useful professional development opportunities based on the needs of both teachers and students.



Hope you enjoyed the wonderful Science & Brews hosted by our own Carmen Kardokus!

Please let us know what you would like to see/learn Olympia or ANYwhere in the State!


Contact us if you have any questions or comments, see the Board Member List for your contacts.

There are many opportunities listed on this Home Page

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March 2017 WSTA Journal is Here!  Get yours now!

Nominations are in!  Look for your Ballot in your email or log in here!

Professional Development  for K-12 in the NGSS!  

The Annual Conference in Pasco October 20 to 22!

Science Summit--Professional Development on the NGSS by ESD 113 Professionals (Click the link for the Flyer!)

Guest Speakers Dennis Schatz and Jacob Clark Bickerstaff!


 Spring 2017 WSTA Journal

 Members can download free!


See all the information on the best professional development available: 

WSTA Annual Conference Pasco October 2017


 See below for:

Presidential Award Nominations

OSU/NASA Teacher Advisor Opportunities

Teacher Trainer with Accelerate Learning

Fred Hutchinson Opportunities! 


We hope you enjoyed the New Waves!! Professional Development on

Learning Progression for Waves in the NGSS!

Our new and expanded Progression through the Waves

By popular demand, we are continuing the very important

training for ALL grade levels on the wave functions

explicit in the K-12 NGSS Physical Sciences requirements.

Come see and interact with Award Winning, NGSS trained classroom

teachers to expand your knowledge and teaching power!


Here we go again!

The Next Progression through the Waves will be in SThe Next Progression through the Waves will be in Spokane in April!




The DATE will be April 22nd in Spokane,  8:30 am to 3:30

At the NEW ESD 101 Building

4202 South Regal


Are your teachers wanting to dig deeper into Next Generation Science Standards? Let WSTA help you! We created a 6-hour workshop designed to immerse teachers of all grade levels in Three Dimensional, NGSS learning.

In the workshop, the K-12 standards that address mechanical waves will be used as a lens to understand how core ideas, science and engineering practices and interdisciplinary cross cutting concepts build through the grade levels.

Participants will experience how NGSS three dimensional learning  facilitates  differentiated  instruction so all students learn. We will also explore other NGSS and WSTA resources to learn how to add new dimensions to your favorite lesson and discover NGSS connections to Common Core standards.

If your district in interested in scheduling this workshop, please contact Lois Sherwood at This workshop qualified for 6 clock hours and STEM training.



Quotes from attendees:


"Great way to look at a single DCI and follow it through K-12."

"I feel so much better about NGSS and beginning to figure out how to incorporate them in my teaching. Thank you!"

"You picked the hardest content possible! It was great, but I was struggling to keep up. That's on me, though."

"I thought the level was appropriate"

"More of everything would be valuable"

"Please continue to provide these experiences for PE's with context across grade levels. It is good to see the total experience a student should have as they move through K-12."



 3-D Learning in the Tri-Cities!

Come Hear our Keynote Speakers:

Washington Superintendent of Public Instruction

Chris Reykdal!

'Science Education in Washington State'


Dr. Phillip Bell,  University of Wash.

'Equitable 3D Science Education for All Students'


See the Event Calendar Tab and Look For:  

Call For Proposals 


Exhibitor information


Upcoming events

Friday, October 20, 2017 • Chiawana High School, 8125 Argent Road, Pasco, WA 99301
Friday, October 20, 2017 7:00 AM • Chiawana High School, 8125 W Argent Rd, Pasco, WA 99301
Friday, October 20, 2017 7:00 AM • Chiawana High School, 8125 Argent Rd, Pasco, WA 98301



Please consider nominating several secondary science or math teachers for the Presidential Award for Excellence in Science and Mathematics Teaching.  

Must be full time science/ math teacher with 5 or more years of experience. 

Go to for the nomination form.

Thanks for your support!

Contact me for help:

Midge Yergen

Science Teacher Trainer with Accelerate Learning! 

Recently left the Science Classroom? Retired?  Are You Interested in Teaching Teachers??

Become a STEMscopes Trainer!!

We are looking for passionate science educators with availability during August and the school year to train on the implementation of the award winning, digital science curriculum, STEMscopes™.  We serve Pre-K through high school teachers.  This is a consultant position with the Professional Services Team that allows you to make your own schedule and has opportunities to grow with the company, Accelerate Learning Inc.  For more information and interest please send your resume and inquiries to  To learn more about our products please go to 5177 Richmond Ave. ,Suite 1025,Houston, TX 77056 

Please feel free to email me your information if you are interested or have any other questions.  

Amber Gunner, M.Ed ,Regional STEM Consultant- Southeast Texas , Accelerate Learning ,, 832-259-1725



Engineering Fellows is a highly competitive program that brings engineering expertise directly into fifth grade classrooms around the state by partnering teachers with professional engineers and college students studying engineering. Our two-organization team of Washington STEM and Washington MESA aims to ensure that almost 200 fifth grade teachers are equipped, empowered, and well-supported to deliver exceptional engineering curricula based on realworld challenges. In the first year this program will serve 30 teachers located in two diverse regions of Washington state. This program will engage professional engineers and college students in engineering to help provide teachers with engineering expertise through collaborative program development and implementation of real-world STEM challenges in classrooms. 

Read More

NSTA has developed a new WSTA Learning Center 

 If you are responsible for coordinating or developing professional learning programs for your school, district, or state, or if you are professor teaching science pre-service teachers at a college or university, we would like you to know that the NSTA Learning Center contains a variety of online learning experiences to fit any educator’s learning style and content need and can be accessed 24/7


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