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WSTA Board Elections 2019 Election Information

Members of the WSTA Board of Directors are mission driven. Our mission is to:

•Promoting professional knowledge and growth.

•Establishing a communication network.

•Exploring curriculum development.

•Recognizing and rewarding excellence.

•Creating public awareness of the importance of quality science education.

•Forming an organized voice on pertinent legislative policies and issues.

There are 5 elected Board positions in 2019,  the Regional Representative for Regions 8 (ESD 112), 9 (ESD 114) and 10 (ESD 121 (King County)); the Executive Secretary and the President-Elect.  Brief job descriptions are attached.  

Candidates for the open positions must submit the following WSTA Board Candidate Nomination Form by March 29, 2019. Elections will follow and the winning candidates will be notified by the end of April, 2019.

Regional Representatives are the voice of the membership in their regions. Regional Reps provide professional development within their region and the State on a variety of current topics. The elected Representatives must be able to attend 4-5 meetings per year and the annual retreat in August. These are 3 -year positions beginning in May 2019-May 2022.

Electronic Ballots will be sent out April 10 and will close April 25, 2019.

Look in your email for a message from BallotBin!

Job Description



The President-Elect supports the President and prepares for the office of President.

Term of Office:

Terms includes year one and two of the Presidential sequence.  Elected for a 5 year sequence of President-Elect (2 years), President (2 years), and Past President (1 year)


  • ·       Represents WSTA in professional activities with other educational organizations.
  • ·       Represent WSTA as an alternate at the National Congress on Science Education
  • ·       Attend National and/or Area NSTA meetings as appropriate
  • ·       Plans WSTA Board Meetings with Executive Committee
  • ·       Preside at any WSTA meetings in the absence of the President
  • ·       Serve as Chair of the Nominating Committee
  • 1.   Prepare a slate of officers as outlined in the constitution
  • 2.   Prepare the election ballot and oversee the election process
  • ·       Selects Conference Chair and supports Conference
  • ·       Helps plan WSTA Board Retreat with the Executive Committee

Job Description

Executive Secretary


Assists the President, maintains official records, and facilitates the “daily workings” of the board.

Term of Office:

Elected for a three year term on rotational basis with recording secretary and treasurer and follows the year after the election of the treasurer.


  • ·       Be prepared and attends all board meetings
  • ·       Coordinate arrangements for all Executive Committee / Conference Calls
  • ·       Coordinate arrangements for regular Board meetings.
  • ·       Keeps an updated list of Board Member contact information.
  • ·       Orders stationary, business cards, and name badges as needed for board members
  • ·       Handles official organizational correspondence
  • ·       Regularly communicates with the Board of upcoming events
  • ·       Helps with training of new board members

Job Description

Regional Representative


Serve as a voice on the WSTA Board of Directors representing the respective regional constituents and a voice from the WSTA board to all members, partners and friends in one of the 10 WSTA regions, which are arranged according to the ESD distribution of the state.  

Term of Office:

Three year elected position


  • ·       Prepare for, attend and contribute to board meetings and represent regional constituents
  • ·       Assist at the annual WSTA conference, including hosting regional sessions and presenting workshops 
  • ·       Facilitate state wide professional development and leadership opportunities
  • ·       Facilitate regional networking and communications
  • ·       Support membership renewal in coordination with Membership Services Chair
  • ·       Provide regional news items to the WSTA Journal and web pages throughout the year
  • ·       Update the Board on regional activities on a regular basis.

Elected Positions

2019 Election Matrix

Executive Board


Current Office Holder

Election Year

Length of Term


Roy Beven

5/2013 (pres-elect)

5/2015 (president)

5/2017 (past pres)

5 Years

President - Elect

Andy Boyd

5/2015 (Pres- Elect)

5/2017 (president)

5/2019 (past Pres)

5 Years

John McNamara

5/2017 (pres-elect)

5/2019 (president)

5/2021 (past pres)

5 years


Karen Madsen


3 Years

Recording Secretary

Dana Marsden


3 Years

Executive Secretary

Judy Shaw


3 Years

Regional Representatives

Re-election Year

Length of Term


Region 1

Johanna Brown


3 Years

ESD 101

Region 2


3 Years

ESD 123

Region 3

 (Whitney Wytko)


3 Years

ESD 171

Region 4

Midge Yergen


3 Years

ESD 105

Region 5

Jonathan Frostad


3 Years

ESD 189

Region 6

Don Pruett


3 Years

ESD 121 Pierce County

Region 7

Carmen Kardokus


3 Years

ESD 113 

Region 8**

Mark Watrin


3 Years

ESD 112 

Region 9**

Brandi Hageman


3 Years

ESD 114 

Region 10**

Lisa Chen


3 Years

ESD 121 King County

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The NSTA Seattle Area Conference Call for Proposals Is Open

Foster a Culture for Science in Seattle Dec 2019

Please share your great work with educators across the Pacific Northwest and beyond!

Seattle Area Conference

December 1214, 2019

THEME: Fostering a Culture for Science

Session proposal site is open and active!

Deadline is January 15th, 2019


The following link provides information on how to write successful session proposals:

Please direct technical questions to NSTA and use the guidelines described on the NSTA page. 

Hotels, housing, travel, and schedules will all be forthcoming from NSTA.

Content questions should be directed to strand leaders or the program chair Bob Sotak at the emails listed below.

Help us FOSTER A CULTURE FOR SCIENCE! Seattle in December 2019!

Conference Chair:  John P McNamara   General Questions, Sponsors, Exhibits

Program Chair:  Bob Sotak     All Program Questions

Local Arrangements Chair:   Lisa Chen:  Volunteer to help!

Strand One Leader:  Kate Lindholm:

Strand Two Leader:  Midge Yergen:

Strand Three Leader: Alfonso Garcia Arriola:

Information, goals and objectives for session proposals on each of the conference strands is found on the following pages


  • ·       Providing STEM Pathways for the Future
  • ·       Building Partnerships for Effective Science Education
  • ·       Finding Joy in Experiencing Science

Strand One:

Providing STEM Pathways for the Future

STEM begins with science, therefore it is critical that we develop and encourage all students to pursue a range of science opportunities in STEM classes. This will serve them well as they enter the job force and their adult lives.. Science experiences must start at the preK level to ensure each student has a STEM future. Students need hope for earning living family wages and being productive contributors to our society. This strand will help teachers see how they can provide opportunities for each student to learn about and experience STEM pathways.

GOAL: Provide workshops and presentations focused on one or more of the following:

  • ·       Illustrating career connections with science.
  • ·       Illustrating partnerships with industry, higher education, and informal education.
  • ·       Demonstrating for teachers real-world problems using three-dimensional learning strategies that can be solved by using 21st-century skills, such as communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity.
  • ·       Providing resources and strategies for students to explore career and educational pathways in STEM.

CRITERIA: Proposals will be evaluated on the extent to which they:

  • ·       Integrate at least two of the four areas of STEM: science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.
  • ·       Align with one or more of strand goals.
  • ·       Support specifically identified parts of the NGSS or state standards and the NRC Framework.
  • ·       Are based on current and available research.
  • ·       Promote equity for all students.
  • ·       Involve participants through activities or discussion.

Strand Two:

Building Partnerships for Effective Science Education

Building collaborative partnerships in science enriches student learning, as well as creating life-long, life-wide and life-deep  experiences for students. Partnerships can be peer to peer, team to team, across curricular areas, as well as outside the classroom. We specifically invite Career and Technical Education-related workshops that focus on the scientific aspects of this strand. This strand will provide participants with strategies to increase partnerships through collaboration, thereby deepening the learning experience of our students.

GOAL: Provide workshops and presentations focused on one or more of the following:

  • ·       Building cross-curricular relationships and integration between science and other content areas.
  • ·       Building relationships between science and community partners to deepen learning.
  • ·       Building collaborative relationships within the science classroom that facilitate student learning.
  • ·       Building links between a student’s culture and the science classroom.
  • ·       Building partnerships with higher education, business, and industry to promote science learning.

CRITERIA: Proposals will be evaluated on the extent to which they:

  • ·       Align with one or more of strand goals.
  • ·       Support specifically identified parts of the NGSS or state standards and the NRC Framework.
  • ·       Are based on current and available research.
  • ·       Promote equity for all students.
  • ·       Involve participants through activities or discussion.

Strand Three:

Finding Joy in Experiencing Science

To promote a scientifically literate society, it is imperative to instill in our students a love of science. Students need opportunities to be engaged in the scientific process and find happiness and hope in the scientific endeavor. All people need to be able to understand topics and make personal, professional, and civic decisions based on scientific evidence. In this strand, participants will learn about various ways of encouraging student engagement in science and learn about successful strategies for promoting student enjoyment in science throughout the learning process.

GOAL: Provide workshops and presentations focused on one or more of the following:

  • ·       Creating student engagement through identification or development of authentic scientific phenomena.
  • ·       Sustaining student engagement through the three-dimensional framework of science teaching and learning.
  • ·       Enhancing student engagement throughout the learning process, including authentic, three-dimensional science assessments.
  • ·       Providing exemplary lessons and activities that promote student enjoyment and hope in the scientific process.
  • ·       Understanding the role science plays in our communities and how science education promotes civic participation.

CRITERIA: Proposals will be evaluated on the extent to which they:

  • ·       Align with one or more of strand goals.
  • ·       Support specifically identified parts of the NGSS or state standards and the NRC Framework.
  • ·       Are based on current and available research.
  • ·       Involve participants through activities or discussion.
  • ·       Demonstrate how issues of equity and diversity are addressed or how the lesson is culturally responsive.

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