The WSTA fully supports all efforts to adopt the NGGS and align all curricula and lessons to The Frameworks for Science Education.  

See our pages on ongoing professional development in Physical Sciences, and Earth and Life Sciences from Lolo Sherwood and Mark Watrin.


Priority Features of NGSS-Aligned Instructional Materials

Recommendations for Publishers, Reviewers and Educators. 


This is a joint effort of California, Nevada, Oregon and Washington Science Teachers Associations, to help act as a guide to anyone preparing educational materials related to the NGSS.


Here is just one example of the NGGS.  See the NSTA website and

for all the information. 

Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)

The 2013 Next Generation Science Standards are 21st Century science performance expectations for the state to build a 21st Century science education system.

Below is a snapshot of one strand from Next Generation Science Standards. Note the integration of the three areas of Science and Engineering Practices, Disciplinary Core Ideas, and the Cross Cutting Concepts. Each of which is denoted by three different colors within each performance expectation item.

Learn more about Next Generation Science Standards


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