WSTA Board of Directors  2017-2018

President                                ANDY BOYD                        E-mail:     

President- Elect                     JOHN MCNAMARA           E-mail:

Past-President                       ROY BEVEN               

Treasurer                               KAREN MADSEN                E-mail:

Recording Secretary             DANA MARSDEN               E-mail:                                      

Executive Secretary             JUDY SHAW                        E-mail:           


Region 1 Rep/ESD 101         JEFF WEHR                         E-mail:                                          

Region 2 Rep/ESD 123         MARY WISE                    E-mail:                                                

Region 3 Rep/ ESD 171        KATE LINDHOLM         

Region 4 Rep/ESD 105         MIDGE YERGEN                E-mail:           

Region 5 Rep/ESD 189         JONATHAN FROSTAD      Email:                                                    

Region 6 Rep/ESD 121         DON PRUETT                      Email:      

Region 7 Rep/ESD 113         CARMEN KARDOKUS      Email:                                                                                                                        

Region 8 Rep/ESD 112         MARK WATRIN                  Email:

Region 9 Rep./ESD 114        BRANDI HAGEMAN          Email:                                                                                   

Region 10 Rep/ ESD 121      LISA (CHI) CHEN               Email:  

Business & Industry Representative

                                                DAVID REID                        E-mail:

Awards & Scholarship Chairperson

                                                COCO CARLSON               E-Mail:

Professional Development Coordinator

                                     LOIS SHERWOOD                       E-mail:                                            

Clock-hour Designee            CAROL SANDISON            E-mail:


Equal Opportunities In Science  

                            PHYLLIS HARVEY-BUSCHEL        

  Member Services Coordinator

JOHN MCNAMARA           E-mail

Informal Science Education Liaison                                              


OSPI Science Representative ELLEN EBERT                  E-mail:                                                        

TOTOS Representative - New Science Teacher Representative

                                        VANESSA HUNT                                                        

Ad Hoc ESD Rep Regional Science Coordinators

                                 MECHELLE LALANNE          E-mail:

 MICHELLE GROVE                 E-mail:

                                  TAMMIE SCHADER                      Email:


Thank you for supporting your society and profession by voting!


From Andy Boyd,   WSTA President:

Congratulations to the 2017 WSTA Board.

The elections for the 2017 WSTA are complete.  Thank you to all who ran for a position and all of the amazing things you do for science education. Here is some information about the elected new members and a statement.

If you are interested in learning more about the WSTA Board, please contact Andy Boyd, President ( or any board member.

Thank you again and have a wonderful summer!


John P McNamara - President-Elect; Pullman

I have thoroughly enjoyed and learned from my work with WSTA and WSTA Board, and hope I have been effective in helping maintain and grow WSTA as a premier professional service society. It is imperative we continue to lead in all areas of effective science instruction for the students and society of the future.  I look forward to helping lead Science Education in our state through work with ESDs, Districts, the OSPI, schools and teachers to fully implement the spirit and letter of the NGSS and provide the best support and training we can for all our science teachers.

Dana Marsden - Recording Secretary; Mountlake Terrace

WSTA is a leader in and resource for science teaching professionals in Washington.  With your support, I will be able to continue to play a part in these efforts. As Recording Secretary, I am tasked with maintaining accurate records of meetings and planning sessions. As a member of the Board, I have the opportunity to support the design and implementation of professional development for science teachers in meeting the NGSS standards. With your support, I am asking to be able to continue to be a part of supporting this essential work for all teachers across our state.

Midge Yergen - Region 4 Representative; Yakima

The face of science education is changing.  With the implementation of the Washington State Science Learning Standards (NGSS), and the paradigm shift to three dimensional learning, many educators are feeling anxious about these new challenges. In addition, we must be mindful of providing equitable science experiences for ALL students. As a Regional Representative for WSTA, I’d continue to support teacher learning and professional development through regional and State activities, and serve the needs of the WSTA board. I’d like to continue serving as your Region IV voice on the WSTA board and serving you, my colleagues for another term.

Jonathan Frostad - Region 5 Representative; Oak Harbor

In an era of rising disbelief in scientific facts and distrust of scientists, the job of science educators is more critical than ever. In addition, the next generation of science learners will occupy a world in which they must be more scientifically literate than any previous generation. The task of science educators is to ensure ALL students achieve new heights of literacy despite recent opposing trends. As your representative, I will continue to provide you with professional development and tools to assist you in our mission of preparing ALL students for the technological world that awaits them.

Don Pruett Jr - Region 6 Representative; Puyallup

I would feel honored to continue to serve as your Region 6 Representative. I will do my best to to represent you. I will work towards making the next WSTA Conference a success.

Carmen Kardokus -  Region 7 Representative; Olympia

My name is Carmen Kardokus and I am interested in continuing to serve as the regional representative for region 7.  As the regional representative, I will work to provide timely and needed professional development opportunities which serve to benefit my area.  I will continue to relay science related information to the members of my region and seek feedback on how to best serve their needs.  I will seek to innovate and be creative in providing new opportunities such as the Oly Science Brews lecture series which I began this spring.  If I am selected I will do my best to promote authentic and useful professional development opportunities based on the needs of both teachers and students.




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